Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated Coconut

IER has process plant that can produce Dehydrated coconut meat in the grated and shredded form is desiccated coconut (DC). 

Desiccated Coconut  is also used as a substitute to grated coconut in various household preparations. 

Desiccated Coconut at IER  is available in different grades based on the fineness of the material.

At IER we process fully grown and matured coconuts of around 1 year are stored with husk for about a month to facilitate absorption of water and separation of coconut kernels from shell walls. 

After de-husking, shells are removed and brown portion (also known as Testa) is removed by scrapping it off and in this process around 12-15% of the kernel goes as paring 

Subsequently, de-shelled coconuts are broken into pieces, washed and disintegrated in powder form. 

This powder is then dried in tray drier at about 80 -90°C and powder is stirred occasionally to ensure uniform drying. 

On cooling, it is passed through vibratory screen with different mesh sizes to segregate the powder according to mesh size. 

Finally, it is packed in moisture and oil- proof polythene-lined plywood boxes

Shipment details and Specifications of Desiccated Coconut

IER has plant capacity and for exports can process up to 600 MT each month

IER packing as per customer choice in 10, 25 or 50 kgs and even in retail packets of 200 / 400g as per clients requirement 

Payment : via DLC at sight in our favour

Depend on the size of customer requirement IER can ship / export in different grades based on the fineness of the material.