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Coconut Shell Charcoal

Shell Charcoal is obtained by burning the shell of fully matured coconuts with a limited supply of air so that they do not burn away to ash but are only carbonized. 

Thus manufactured from the coconut shell  has become a very important economic and commercial activity. 

Furthermore, coconut shell charcoal, developed into  commercial commodity due to its intrinsic value as a raw material for the manufacture of activated carbon.

activate carbon is used as ingredient  in purying air and water and thus impliedly helps for green earth   

Shipment details and Specifications of Coconut Shell Charcoal

IER has plant capacity and for exports can process up to 1200 MT each month

IER packing as per customer choice in 500 kgs jumbo pp bags or in 25/50 kgs pp bags

Payment : via DLC at sight in our favour

Depend on the size of customer requirement IER can ship export Coconut shell charcoal are of two types as Coconut shell charcoal and granulated shell charcoal.